Blues, Rock, and all the music you can dance to.

Who we Are

MIDNIGHT MIKE AND THE MARAUDERS is one of central Indiana’s best dance and party band
Bootie Shaking Broadsides of Rock, R&B, Blues & Funk.

Playing a spicy mix of classic rock, reggae, R&B, funk and blues, The Marauders will keep any crowd dancing.

They are the perfect choice for any type of entertainment engagement or venue.
The band has enjoyed an uninterrupted run of more than twenty years. Starting as Felonious Funk, The band changed it’s name in 2011 to create a more accurate reflect it’s current direction. Since then, Midnight Mike and the Marauders has steadily increased in popularity until today it is one of central Indiana’s more successful entertainment options, and is currently expanding into a regional footprint.

Midnight Mike Waterfall (front man, singer, harp player) has been a part of the Indianapolis Music Scene for almost thirty years, playing with such local bands as Roadhouse and No Preservatives Added. He has been with The Marauders for eleven years. Mike is currently the business manager and booking agent for the band.

Richard Marriweather (guitar and vocals) has played in a number of bands around the country. He is a former member of the Monday Boys, a noted Indy R&B band, and has been with The Marauders for two years.

Scott DeMichele (bass) has been with the band for five years. Scott was recently married to Lucy (who frequently serves as our sound person), and is a devoted family man.

Our drummer, professionally known as Enoch ‘Beat’, Vinnegar has been playing drums since 1968. In addition to playing with nationally known Rival Recording artist Reese Whitley, ‘Beat’ has performed with a long line of Indiana’s best blues and funk acts. These include Blues Cats, 360 Degrees, and the Words of Wisdom Truth Review Band. He also notably played in the Circle City Blues Band with the Indianapolis blues legend “Fast Johnny”. He is the nephew of jazz great Leroy “The Walker” Vinnegar.

Midnight Mike and the Marauders is available for public engagements, weddings, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, divorce parties, corporate events, pool parties, private parties, dog fights, boxing matches, roller derby, christenings, festivals, Bar BQ’s, summer concert series, graduations, bachelorette parties and wakes. We can be contacted by phone, e-mail, or thru Facebook or our website.

Contact Us

Midnight Mike Waterfall
Phone: 317/442-8251

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Our team

Four young lads from everywhere

Midnight Mike Waterfall

Front man, Agent, Soiler of doves.

M. Scott DeMichele

Bass guitar, keyboards, vocals, Technomancer.

Richard Merriweather

Guitar, Vocals, Famed explorer